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How to Upload Your Photos to Flickr

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Uploading Pictures to Flickr



  1. Select the photos you want to submit and put them in one folder on your hard drive, flashdrive or a DVD so they will be easy to locate for uploading.
  2. Sign into your Flickr account (If you don't have an account yet, see details on Registering for Flickr here.) 
  3. Click where is says: Upload 
  4. Follow the instructions for browsing for your photos.  Multiple photos can be uploaded at once.  It's easy.
  5. Once the photos have been uploaded successfully to your account, Flickr gives you the opportunity to provide descriptions, tags and titles. **Please be sure to tag your photos and include the following:

    snapshotday2012, your library’s name, assign a number (i.e. SmithLibrary1,SmithLibrary2 etc) and a word or two of photo explanation.

    Note that in Flickr, tags are separated by a space, not commas, and you can use two words together in a tag by putting it in quotes: "author visit"

  6. After your photos have been tagged, your next step is to share them with the Vermont Library Snapshot Day group.  The easiest way to do this is to click on "Organize & Create" on the top menu.  Your photos will load at the bottom of the page; just above them is a small link that says "Select All"--click on that.  With all your Snapshot Day photos selected, drag them as a batch to the upper part of the page.  A small menu just above the photos includes an option "Send to group"--click here, and a box pops up listing the Vermont Library Snapshot Day group.  Select the group and your photos begin to be added to the pool. 

  7. School librarians please also share your photos with the Vermont School Library Snapshot Day group.



**It is also helpful if you write the tags and captions on your photo release forms.  This is recommended so that, if we want to use your photos and need copies of the releases that go with them, they will be easy to match.**



Adapted from the Pennsylvania Library Association's SnapShotPA materials, www.snapshotpa.org

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