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Registering for Flickr

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 Photos for Library Snapshot Day will be uploaded to Flickr.com so that all participating libraries contribute to a "pool" of photos.  Since you will be tagging your photos, they will still be identifiable among the others but all together, the pool forms a wonderful collection of the diversity and excitement in our libraries.  The VLSD Committee can also use selections of photos to create public relations materials on behalf of libraries and librarians.


In order to upload your photos to the Vermont School Library Snapshot Day Group on Flickr.com, you must have a Flickr account and join our group.


How to Register for Flickr.com and Join the Vermont Library Snapshot Day Group


  1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/
  2. Click on "Sign Up Now.""
  3. You will be asked for a Yahoo ID, or you have the option of signing in using a Facebook or Google Account. If your library doesn't have an account with either service, click "Create New Account" and set up a Yahoo ID.  (Remember/write down your login and password.)
  4. Once your Flickr account has been created, you need to join the Vermont Library Snapshot Day group.  In your Flickr account, click on "Groups" in the menu at the top of the page and select "Search for a Group."   In the search box enter "Vermont Library Snapshot Day".
  5. Click on the link for Vermont Library Snapshot Day and then click on any of the "Join" links.  A box will come up allowing you to enter your email and a request to be given permission to join the Group.  You will receive a response from an administrator when you've been given access to the Group.
  6. If you are a school librarian, please also join the Vermont School Library Snapshot Day group.
  7. NOTE: You may upload photos to your Flickr account at any time, but you need to be a member of the Snapshot Day group(s) before you can "share" your photos with the group(s).  For more info on uploading and sharing, see the link below (Flickr also has a good Help section).  




Information on uploading photos to Flickr

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